About Salt&Brygga

Salt & Brygga is a local restaurant for the whole city, located right on the seafront in Malmö’s new district.
Here we serve meat, fish and vegetarian dishes - often in exciting and unusual ways, but also with a classic touch. Our chefs give the cuisine a multicultural flavour, inspired by the Mediterranean but firmly rooted in Scanian soil.

Salt & Brygga is a bit unusual in many ways. As well as offering our guests food and drink of the highest quality, we also want to make environmental thinking a part of everything we do. As Hippocrates said - “let food be thy medicine”.

We buy most of our ingredients from local producers who use healthy, organic farming methods. We follow the seasons as much as possible where fruit and vegetables are concerned, serving Scanian asparagus in May and June. You won’t find endangered eel, prawns or fish on our menu, and no genetically modified food or MSG either. We serve organic, Fair Trade coffee and have a wide range of organic teas. Our selection of organic wine and beer is unique within the region.

The whole restaurant is decorated using natural materials that are recyclable and non-allergenic. The tables for example are custom-made from Scanian elm. The leather seats are tanned using bark instead of chromium, and the chairs (made by Gemla) are painted with water-based lacquer. We’ve created the best possible environment for both our guests and our staff. Our eco-friendly stearin candles (Swan certified) are made from 100% renewable materials that, unlike oil-based paraffin candles, do not contribute towards the greenhouse effect or give off soot.

We also have a sound-absorbant matting on the ceiling, which helps keep sound to a pleasant level. In keeping with our broad approach to health awareness, Salt & Brygga has been completely non-smoking from the very first day and all staff are non-smokers. We sort all our rubbish for recycling and use compost mills to grind down the organic waste, decomposing and converting it into biogas. You could say that this, plus the solar panels covering the entire roof and south-facing wall, makes us energy self-sufficient.
If you’re planning for a large party, birthday or wedding, the restaurant seats up to 90 guests.

Some awards and achievements:

  • The eco-restaurant of the year by The White Guide 2010

  • The most conscious restaurant of the year 2008

  • Awarded The Scanian Gastronomical Academy’s “Mårten’s Prize” 2006 for “delicious, organically-produced meals of the highest class, showcasing the clean, natural flavours of the ingredients".

  • Scored 10/10 in Nöjesguiden Feb 2002 (“brilliant", "it’s a real luxury to eat here")

  • Scored 4 out of 5 by Sydsvenskan newspaper 2008

  • Certified environmentally friendly by the official Nordic eco-label, ‘The Swan’ 2007

  • Featured in Sweden's Top Tables 2007

  • Scored 4 out of 5 by Sydsvenskan newspaper 2006

  • Salt & Brygga becomes a member of Regional Food Culture Scania 2004

  • Diplomed by Slow Food Scania 2003

  • Awarded ‘restaurant concept of the year’ by Sweden's Top Tables 2003

  • Given the maximum score in Kvällsposten’s reviews 2001 and 2002

  • Awarded 18 points by Dagens Industri May 2002

  • Certified by the Scanian Tourist Board 2002

  • Made a member of Euro-Toques

  • Awarded Malmö City’s ‘Great Environmental Prize’ 2001
About Salt&Brygga

About Salt&Brygga

Salt&brygga, Sundspromenaden 7, Västra hamnen, Malmö | Telephone +46 40 611 59 40 | post@saltobrygga.se